Symphoni Loop Powered Sounders

The LP Symphoni range of Sounders and Sounder Beacons are designed to operate on the robust MZX digital loop, An internal line isolator automatically provides short circuit protection against cable faults thus reducing the need for additional line isolator modules.

The addressable loop powered sounders meet the requirements of EN54 part 3 whilst the loop powered addressable sounders with beacon are also approved to EN54 part 23 as open category devices.

A high (103dB) output or low (90dB ) output can be selected for any of the 16 selectable tones.The high brightness LED beacon provides a 2 candela output with adjustable flash rate.

Programming has been simplified by allowing the tone, volume and flash rate to be set by the MZX Consys configuration utility. This means adjustments to the settings can be achieved without having to access the sounder location. Changes can be made to all sounders by a single panel software download which saves time and reduces commissioning costs.


High Output programmable sounder and sounder beacon
Loop Powered from MZX Technology® Digital Loop
Indoor and Weatherproof outdoor versions available
High Brightness LED Beacon
Red or White housings
Software programmable
16 Tones
2 Flash Rates
Integral Line Isolator
RSM Reflective Sound Monitoring
Visual alarm approved to EN54-23 open category
Audible alarm approved to EN54-3