RS800-IP/GPRS – IP Communication Module

The RS800-IP/GPRS module connects to an individual or a network of MZX, MX, ZX, MX2 and T2000 fire control panels to provide a cost effective, secure and robust IP (Internet Protocol) based communication platform for alarm signalling, fault reporting and a range of remote services.


  • A cost effective digital communication platform to enable a range of remote services
  • Robust dual path transmission over the clients IT network and the GPRS network, ensures continuity of communication in the event of a failure
  • Regular polling of the IP path and the GPRS path confirms successful end to end communication – a failure will be reported within 3 minutes
  • Secure communication is ensured by AES encryption with a 128 bit key and 256 bit hash code
  • BRE approved to EN 54-21 for fire alarm transmission and fault warning routing equipment and LPCB Red Book listed
  • Supplied with an activated 02 SIM card
  • All access is securely controlled and logged


System Description:

The RS800-IP/GPRS module connects to the communication ports and relays of a fire control panel and converts the RS232 and digital data into IP data that can be transmitted over the internet.

Communication is dual path. The primary path is the clients IP network, eliminating the additional cost of a traditional PSTN telephone line. Efficient, digital communication puts negligible demand on the network and ensures future compatibility as the traditional analogue systems are progressively phased out.

The GPRS mobile communication network is the secondary path and maintains communication in the event of a failure of the primary path.

All communication to and from a fire control panel is managed by the monitoring centre transceivers – dedicated servers. The primary IP path is polled (checked) every 30 seconds and the secondary GPRS path every 60 seconds to confirm successful end to end communication. A failure in either path will be reported within 3 minutes.

Secure communication is ensured by AES encryption with a 128 bit key and 256 bit hash code. Message and device substitution protection provides security against external attacks.

Minimal demand is placed on the communications network with low level normal data transfer of only 160 bytes every 30 seconds.

The security of the client’s IP network is not compromised as all communication is initiated outbound by the RS800-IP/GPRS. If required, fixed routing / port mapping is available.

The panel software MZX Consys Version 19 onwards, has been developed to optimise data transfer and also to incorporate the recommendations of the Euralarm Technical Group on “Remote Services for Alarms”.