Marine T2000 Intelligent Marine Control Panels

MZX is a comprehensive range of fire controllers designed and built to BSEN ISO9001/2 and EN54. An advanced proven microprocessor based system, MZX provides conventional and digital addressable detection for new, refurbished and refitted detection systems.

A wide range of detectors and ancillaries makes MZX suitable for applications from general cargo vessels to large passenger vessels and offshore installation.

What should you expect of your fire detection system?

In broad terms: cost effective reliability and flexibility. In today’s vessels under today’s conditions you should also be looking for ease of operation, flexible programming, precise fire source pin-pointing and the kind of circuitry and sensitivity which ensures rapid activation in the event of a fire.


The MX/T2000 panels are intelligent EN54 approved and marine approved sub-panels, which can be networked to provide up to 396 detection loops and installed to BS5839:Pt.1.

The T2000 sub-panel supports up to four loops supporting up to 1000 addressable devices and can be expanded using additional loop sub-panels
The panel consists of a strong stainless steel enclosure incorporating a removable chassis plate. The chassis plate holds:

PSB800 5A 24Vd.c. battery backed power supply and loop booster to EN54:pt.4
FIM800 field interface PCB incorporating two MZX DIGITAL loops
CPU801 32 bit processor and memory card
Optional network card, additional loop card(s) and remote diagnostic modem
Optional IOB800 input/output expansion card mounted on the PSB800
The panel has a strong cast aluminium front door, which incorporates a modular user interface that fully complies with EN54:pt.2. The user interface incorporates the ODM800 operator display module with a 16 x 40-character backlit LCD display, simple alphanumeric keypad and 5 softkeys. The OCM800 operator control module provides all mandatory operator control keys and LED functions including Manned/Unmanned switching. Two control keys and 2 indication LEDs are provided for vessel-specific functions.

Control keys and LEDs are labelled in English according to the default approved functionality. The slide in decals can be reversed and alternative text added.

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