Addressable Products & Systems

Control Panels

The Marine range of addressable panels provides a perfect fit for all sizes of system; from a single panel and 125 devices to a network of 99 panels and up to 99,000 devices.

Detectors, Bases & Ancillaries

Marine sensors and multi-sensors integrate the best in detection technology with powerful software that provides fire detection to suit all risks and all possible scenarios.

Remote Service

The RS800-IP/GPRS module connects to an individual or a network of fire control panels to provide a cost effective, secure and robust IP (Internet Protocol)


The Marine range of callpoints includes both indoor and outdoor models.

Bells, Sounders & Beacons

A wide range of bells, electronic sounders and beacons for use with Marine fire detection systems.

Input/Output Modules

A range of input/output modules and ancillary devices to enhance the Marine

Addressable Control Panel MZX-125 Thorn

Addressable Call Point Thorn

Addressable Detector MX 830 Thorn

Module 800 Thorn